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Seattle Speedometer is BADASS

These are cool!!

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Yesterday I got a call telling me Ashley wants me to ride Larry’s “Bone Smuggler” bike while I’m in Alabama for his services. When I met Larry he was on this bike and it blew my mind. I had seen a lot of photos of it online and was so excited to see it in person. One of my favorite modern choppers that has been built.

Larry had me ride this bike when I was at his place for a few days this past October. Him and I riding side by side through rolling Alabama hills, him on his brand new snow white Knucklehead chopper that he had just finished for Born Free will always be my favorite memory.

It was easily one of the heaviest questions I’ve ever been asked. I could barely find the breath to say yes. This week will be an emotional roller coaster.

Never forget Larry Pierce.

This community is the greatest. Sending thoughts and strength from St. Paul.

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Keep an eye out… Stolen bike…

What Your Beer Says About You
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I miss my beard. Good thing I’ve already got a strong start on the new one.
Back in black

and now I’m ready for… ULTRAVIOLENCE


Aubrey Plaza for GQ Magazine (x)

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Beautiful tri babies.